Volunteer Horse Patrol

How Do I Join The Volunteer Horse Patrol (VHP)?

After reading about us below, if you wish to be added to our trainee list for next March, send your name and email address to You'll be contacted in February to confirm your attendance.

In order to Join the VHP, you must meet the following General Requirements:

  1. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and own or lease a horse. We do not provide horses.
  2. Your horse should be experienced on trails, sound and in good condition, and calm enough to work safely with other horses and people.
  3. Prospective volunteers attend two evening training sessions (not on horseback) with park staff in March.
  4. Trainee and horse do a ride-a-long with any current VHP member in April.
  5. Trainee and horse successfully complete a qualification ride in May (checking for the traits in item #2 above).
  6. Finally, a graduation ceremony and BBQ is held in June, where trainees are formally admitted to our unit.

Please see our New Member Info Flyer for more information.

You can also request a copy of our Training Packet be sent to you. We have a convenient form that you can submit on our "Contact Us" page to request a copy.

Mark Hawthorne, Unit leader
Phone: 415-505-3849


Carla Schoof, Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 650-599-1306, Fax: 650-599-1721

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