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Insurance Providers


Dr. Kendra Cohn
Get In-Line Chiropractic

Contact: 650-454-9558
Description: Dr. Kendra Cohn provides Chiropractic services to you, your horse or your dog. She restores balance to improve function and performance. So whether your horse is a high-end athlete or just a recreational one, Dr. Cohn works to make them and you more comfortable and happy.
Training/Experience: Dr. Cohn is a lifelong horse owner and a competitive equestrian. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She followed that with a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose. Dr. Cohn then went on to become Certified in Animal Chiropractic through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.
Availability: Dr. Cohn wants you to keep in mind that Chiropractic does not replace traditional veterinary medicine but works very well in conjunction with it. She is very pleased to work with many wonderful veterinarians in the area to address your horse's whole health.


Scott Bell
Contact: 650-279-4092
Description: Specializing in barefoot trims and renegade boots.
Training/Experience: Farrier for 7 years. Oakland zoo farrier. Trained/studied with Pacific coast horseshoeing school. Trimming training with: Pete Ramey, Debbie Dutra, Christina Cline, Jaime Jackson, Mike Lagrone.

Mike Hayward
Contact: 650-450-7773
Description: See my website at:    Brought to you all the way from Bath, England, Mike Hayward has been a foot-care specialist and an exotic- animal care consultant for 12 years.
  • Basic Trimmings
  • Shoeing
  • Balance
  • Guaranteed 24-hour shoe replacement
  • Treatment of Common Lameness Issues
  • Proven techniques that promote equine soundness, comfort and biomechanics
  • Follow-up

Training/Experience: As the head elephant trainer at the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, Mike, a native of Somerset, England and self-admitted adventurer, never thought he’d be living in California and attending Bob Smith’s Pacific Coast Horse Shoeing School.
Availability: By scheduled appointment.
Pricing: Pricing depends upon level of labor and behavior

Adalberto Tejeda
Contact: 415-608-7391

John Silveira
Contact: 650-921-5287 or
Description: 18 years in the trade.
Training/Experience: Graduate Oklahoma horseshoeing school mastery program. Apprenticeship in the bay area.
Availability: email me.
Pricing: priced upon needs

P.J. Davis
Description: All around experienced and reliable horseshoer. More info at:
Training/Experience: Apprenticed with Butch Coggins, Margie Lee and Don Gustafuson, and have been successful owner/operator or PJ Davis Horseshoeing for over 7 years.
Availability: Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm

Aubree Ware
Description: Natural Hoof Care for Barefoot Performance Easycare authorized dealer - Boot Fitting services Hoof pathology and rehabilitation Specialized Hoof care for each individual horse, no hoof is the same and neither should the trim be.
Training/Experience: Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School Academy of Equine Dentistry Degree in Equine Science Equine Science Academy- Hoof care practitioner Pacific Hoof Care Practioners

Insurance Providers:

Laurel Fowler Insurance Broker, Inc.
Contact: 877 Noyes Rd., Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 805.473.2227
Description: An insurance broker who provides major medical, liability, and mortality Insurance.


Dany Bert
Contact: ph# 408 605 9727 - email:
Description: Classical Dressage Horse Trainer and Riding Instructor. From training level to the 3 P's (Piaffe - Passage - Pirouette)
Training/Experience: 50 young horses put under the saddle, 5 horses brought to the 3 P's and numerous happy students in 24 years of experience (13 yrs in France, 11 yrs in California). Former student of Emmanuel Dardenne of the Academie d' Art Equestrre de Provence in France and Douglas J. Puterbaugh in California.
Availability: Available 7 days/week.
Pricing: Available upon request

CCC Training, Sue Landaiche
Contact: (408) 355-3952
Description: Training and Conditioning, Horsemanship Lessons, Trail Training, Cattle Work, Colt Starting.
Training/Experience: Working with horses of all breeds and riders of all levels for 25 years. An emphasis on versatility and cross-training develops each horse into a relaxed and confident partner who is responsive to subtle cues - whether on the trail or in the arena. References available.
Availability: Mondays and Fridays in Portola Valley

Marsha Edwards
Contact: Stillwater Natural Horsemanship with Marsha Edwards. Call Marsha at: 650-917-9378 or email me at
Description: "True strength is gentle and true gentleness is strength." Every horse is looking to you for safe leadership: Learn the awareness and confidence for being a good leader through mutual trust and respect. Learn how to 'read' your horse and understand why he reacts the way he does. Learn the vast differences between horse and human behavior. Learn easy communication and develop willing, mutual trust, respect, confidence and understanding. You'll get a reliable, confident, well mannered, responsive partner for life.
Training/Experience: Ranch manager and trainer on a Natural Horsemanship training facility. Start colts, mustangs, problem solving. Holistic equine health studies. Studied under the expertise of a 3 star colt trainer and level 3 Parelli instructor, Rhett Russell, Frank Bell, Linda Kohanov, and Peggy Cummings. I am always open to learning so I can be a better teacher. "My greatest teachers have been horses."
Availability: Mon. - Sat. Depending upon openings.
Pricing: $65.00 for 90 minutes. Private and group lessons. Problem solving. Holistic equine health assessments.


Peninsula Uniforms, Redwood City, CA.
Contact: (650) 701-0911 -
Description: We offer uniform and equipment apparel for both Police, Sheriff, Fire, Security and Medical. We pride ourselves on making our customers happy and providing great service and products at affordable and reasonable prices.
Availability: Our In Store Hours Monday - Friday 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Saturdays 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Summit Uniforms, San Jose, CA
Contact: (408) 293-8633 -
Description: Summit Uniforms' tailors specialize in the customization of all uniforms. Whether it be uniforms, boots or accessories, you’ll always find what you’re looking for in our million dollar inventory.


Peninsula Equine Medical Center
Contact: (650) 854-3162 |
Description: Ambulatory
Peninsula Equine currently operates four fully stocked ambulatory trucks. The ambulatory service routinely provides a wide range of services to clients within 30 minutes of the clinic. Vaccinations, dental work, lameness exams are only a few of the services we are able to perform on an ambulatory basis.

Intensive Care
The intensive care unit consists of two stalls in a climate controlled barn. All the stalls in the clinic are monitored 24 hours a day using video cameras.

Peninsula Equine has a state of the art equine surgery facility. The surgery suite is fully equipped for both soft tissue and orthopedic procedures.

Microchip ID Program
We are pleased to offer this program as a way for all horse owners to have their horses prepared for identification in the case of an emergency or disaster that precipitates your horse being separated from you.
Availability: M - Sat 9 - 5:30


Portola Valley Feed
Contact: 650-851-1750
Description: Hay and other equine feed
884 Portola Rd, Portola Valley, CA 94028

Sam's Downtown Feed & Pet Supply
Contact: (408) 287-9090
Description: Old Style Service With A Friendly Atmosphere. We load your hay into your vehicle.
759 W San Carlos St.
San Jose, CA 95126
Availability: See our web site at:

DLF Design-Custom Design & Hand Engraving - David
Contact: or call 650.924.0455
Description: Custom Design and Hand Engraving ... Creating beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of art in the form of jewelry, belt buckles, spurs and bits, name plates, saddle trim, keychains, home furnishings, and more.
Training/Experience: David L. Fraser has over 25 years experience as a Goldsmith/Silversmith and over 40 years as a Blacksmith. Ask the following PMP boarders about my work ... Karen w/Whisper, Lisa w/Benz, Diane w/Bo, Marion w/Payday & Kristen w/Dude.
Availability: Open
Pricing: Offering PMP ranch boarders a discount on select items through the holidays!

Description: CUSTOM HALTERS Have you ever wanted a halter for your horse in a certain color, with an overlay pattern that you just can't find in the tack stores? Now is your chance to customize the perfect halter for your horse! Start by choosing your base color. This will be the main color of your halter. Then choose an overlay pattern. This can be a different solid color, for example, lime green overlay on top of black nylon. You can also pick a cool design, such as zebra stripe overlay on top of hot pink nylon. Then decide if you want this halter to be a breakaway halter. This would mean the halter has a breakaway leather piece, that will "break" if the horse gets caught up on something. This piece is replaceable and should not ruin the entire halter. You can also choose to have a snap for taking the halter off without unbuckeling the crown piece. Visit my website for more information!

Kristina Chancholo
Contact: 408-828-8721 or
Description: Kristina Chancholo is a certified Equine Body Worker. Her services include massage, stretching, and rehabilitaiton for the equine athlete.
Training/Experience: Over 15 years experience in the equine industry includes a B.S. in Animal Science, emphasis in Equine Science, from Fresno State University, certified Equine Body Worker from Equinology, continuous classes including equine skeletal assembly, equine dissectoin, stretching, equine exercise and physiology and rehabilitation.
Availability: 7 days a week.
Pricing: Clinic Price: $75, Regular Price: $90

cheryl chandler
Contact: 650-726-6680
Description: Equine Retailer products. Horse blankets, gear bags, embroidery, one of a kind hand crafted items. Horse Laundry & Repair Service and a lot more. Long time VHP member. Get your VHP Helmet Covers here. BBB Member.
Training/Experience: Sewing for equestrians since 1975. 10 years working at TB race tracks in Calif, VHP Member since 1989. Custom Sewing making a large variety of products. Horse Show, back country pack gear, specialty items....

Custom Covers Equestrian Laundry & Repair Service
Contact: 650-726-6680
Description: Equestrian Laundry & Repair Service. We offer full service for cleaning, repairing of blankets, sheets, tack trunk covers, saddle pads, leg wraps, coveralls, sleeping bags & more. Embroidery service also available. New and reconditioned blankets in stock for sale. We make the VHP green helmet covers. Call today for more information.
Training/Experience: Over 30 years of experience. We have commerical washers and dryers in house. Complete repair service with matching fabrics, straps, webbing and hardware. VHP member since 1989

Dark Horse Detail
Contact: 650.468.8599
Description: Dark Horse Detail is the one stop mobile service. We come to you at your convenience, whether it be work, home or play. DHD comes to you fully equipped with water and power when none is available. We cleaned trailers and barns with products that are not harmful to animals. DHD will assist you in maintaining your cars, trucks, trailers, barns, patio or driveway. Call for an appointment.
Training/Experience: 20+ years in automotive/customer service industry Horse owner and lover
Availability: Monday thru Friday 9 - 4 Saturday by appoinment
Pricing: price varies depending on size and condition of vehicle

Melissa Aden
Contact: 510.847.9115 -
Description: Physical Rehabilitation for the Equine Athlete Equistar Rehab takes a unique approach on physical rehabilitation by providing services directly to you and your horse at your barn or veterinary clinic. I work with each horse to create a personalized home-care plan, combined with professional treatments, to help restore proper balance and performance. The home-care plan stresses the importance of establishing a therapeutic exercise routine that you can work on with your horse between visits. In the event of an injury or lameness, I will work closely with your veterinarian to provide the best treatment for optimal recovery. Contact

Leslie Norton, Equine Massage Therapist
Contact: (650) 799-0108 / /
Description: Leslie is dedicated to providing highly customized massage, stretching and relaxation programs for professional equine athletes at the top of their game, pleasure horses whose owners demand nothing but the best and all those in between.
Training/Experience: Leslie has been an active member of the California Bay Area equine community since being retained as an instructor, trainer and general consultant in 2001. June of 2006 sent Leslie to Calgary, Canada where she completed the Equine Body Worker Certification course through the internationally recognized equine body workers school, Equinology Inc. In January of 2007, Leslie completed her 6 month externship and became officially certified as an Equine Body Worker. Equinology is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Equinology's courses are approved and recognized by the International Equine Body Workers Association (, UK's McTimoney Chiropractic Association and the Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice.
Availability: By appointment

Jennifer Ogawa
Contact: 4083189014
Description: Equine Massage therapist and PEMF Practitioner
Availability: M-S 9-5